Join our rewards program and earn points towards free popcorns, drinks and movie tickets !!!


Here’s how it works –


1.   You can enroll in the program by filling out a short form while at the theater, sign up forms are located by the self-service stations.  


2.   Whenever you visit the theater and purchase tickets or anything else you will give the cashier (or input into kiosk) your phone number. Your phone number is your rewards account number. You will then earn points based on what you purchase, these points will automatically accumulate in our system and at predetermined levels you will receive first, a free popcorn, then a free drink and then a free ticket, after which the rewards cycle repeats.


3.   Rewards members also get one free refill per visit on a popcorn and drink.


4.   Rewards for popcorn and drinks are interchangeable and any rewards may be saved for future visits if you chose to not redeem them right away. (they will eventually expire if not used)


 Joining the program also subscribes you to our weekly newsletter which will let you know what movies are opening the coming week.

You will also get a synopsis of all those movies as well as links to watch their trailers.


We will not share your information with any third parties and you can easily unsubscribe at any time. 











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